Montréal, 15 avril 2000  /  No 60
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Scott Carpenter is a young entrepreneur living in Victoria, B.C. and the founder and editor of Liberty Free Press.
by Scott Carpenter
          « I ain't registering my damn guns. I'll be back in a few days to buy some ammo. What do you recommend for bears and intruders of the human kind? » 

          « Well ma'am that depends on what your intentions are », I replied, trying not to say directly, in front of a crowd of other customers, which 12 gauge load was best for killing man and beast.

          « I want something that's gonna sting son... maybe something to knock 'em down then something to finish them off. » 
          « Are you talking about bears or men? » I asked innocently. 
          « Whichever, » she replied. So I handed her a box of slugs and a box of buck shot. My reasoning being: if she missed with the slug she'd hit with the buck. Bears can be such ornery creatures. 
          « I'm a member of ****, » she said as I handed her the change « and when I say "NO" I mean it. Those government thieves aren't getting my guns or anything else I own. What makes them think that they can just waltz into someone's house and do as they please? Who do they think they are anyway? Same goes for those pesky bears! » 
          « I have no idea ma'am. Have a great day and happy hunting. » I smiled and handed her the ammo. 
          « You have a good day, son. » She smiled a wide grin, picked up her purchase and left. 
          « What a lovely old lady, » I said to myself aloud as she exited the store. We get a lot of her type around here. 
Granny rules 
          Without a doubt this seems to be a common sentiment in my neck of the woods. Folks around here, for the most part, are fairly independent types and although they are happy to pay reasonable taxes and respect their neighbours they have a very difficult time putting up with a government that sticks its nose in where it doesn't belong. 
     « Little old ladies are coming out the closet everywhere; all professing their extreme disgust with the leviathan that is our federal and provincial governments. They talk about things such as "Shooting the bastards" and "Cold dead bloody fingers". » 
          You're probably wondering where this land of the patriots is located? Montana, Wyoming... Alaska??? Nope. Guess again. It's not even in the U.S. I'm talking about the Peace District of North Western Canada. Yep. You read correctly... I wrote Canada and Northern Canada at that. We're about as far from the U.S. as you get and yet here, in the land of the maple leaf and the beaver, the seeds of resistance and freedom seem to grow stronger by the day. 
          Little old ladies are coming out the closet everywhere; all professing their extreme disgust with the leviathan that our federal and provincial governments have become. They talk about things such as « shooting the bastards » and « cold dead bloody fingers ». Not very ladylike and certainly not very Canadian. We are, after all, the peace keepers of the world. I suppose these « folk » just never heard that « Property rights and self defense are foreign concepts to Canadians. » I guess our social engineers aren't doing their jobs properly. Pretty sad when you think about it; they can't even spend the tax dollars they have slotted for cultural enslavement efficiently. The least the incompetent fools could do is engineer us ignorant masses a little more efficiently... like before my own grandmother starts to cop an attitude. 
          Moreover, I worry about these little old ladies and their antique shotguns. I wonder if some of those old barrels will stand up to the modern loads they will be firing as certain furry creatures break down their front doors searching for goodies they have no right to. I wonder how many of them will be jailed for keeping « father's » guns just because « They were his and now they're mine. » I wonder how many people will need to get hurt while trying to jail them for something they know in their hearts and minds is not a crime. 
          I worry that the last line of defense between tyranny and freedom in this country is being held by a platoon of gray haired, rosy cheeked grandmothers sporting single shot Cooey 12 gauges and load of attitude. Don't laugh! It's true. This little old lady (and several others I have had the pleasure to meet) is as serious as you are about anything in your life. She's fed up and she « ain't gonna take it anymore! » No more filling out forms and answering questions. No more kowtowing to some bureaucrat and his twisted « fascist » agenda. 
          The same ladies that would make you a cup of coffee and feed you home made cookies and pastries till you burst are taking up arms against the state in their own quiet, mild mannered and polite ways. 
          Who would thought Granny would be the one to draw the line in the sand??? It just goes to show you... greatness is often found where you least expect it. 
          In closing I would like to give our friends at the Canadian Firearms Center and other firearms related bureaucracies a little advice: If one day you catch the sweet smell of fresh bread and lemon scented cleaner in the air and your mother isn't due in town until the end of the month... run... run like the wind. The granny brigade is coming and they mean business! 
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