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Scott Carpenter is a young entrepreneur living in Victoria, B.C. and the founder and editor of Liberty Free Press.
by Scott Carpenter
          Examples of mass groupthink (a condition psychologists define as: « The mode of thinking that occurs when the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives ») are fairly rare in North American society. In its worst form groupthink is a rioting mob. In its most innocuous form it is a group of teenagers drinking their faces off whenever they get together in order to simply « fit in ».
          Unfortunately, mass groupthink does rear its ugly head every so often and, as usual, the results are somewhat less than constructive. So, as the « Million Mom March » begins to take shape in the coming days and weeks one has to wonder where, in light of strong evidence that proves more gun control does not reduce crime or the suicide rate, the tens of thousands of women partaking in the coming « March » should fit in. While they obviously fall short of being a rioting mob the phenomena is still of a more destructive nature than the behavior exhibited by our thoughtless and carefree teens. After all, binge drinking is primarily a self destructive activity; campaigning to deprive someone of their right to self defense is not. 
The importance of « fitting in » 
          And this is essentially what the whole mess boils down to: one group of citizens campaigning to violate the god given and natural rights of another group of citizens. In a free society built upon individual rights how does this happen? How can such large numbers of people be lead astray and convinced that initiating force against their fellow man is not only necessary to accomplish their political goals but also one hundred percent moral? How can one be convinced that violating someone else's rights is perfectly acceptable so long as it is done « democratically » and « for a good cause »? 
          The answer to this question does not come from a psychology text but rather is a matter of very simple philosophy. When one ceases to think one will believe anything one is told so long as it appeals emotionally and is accepted by the « group » or whoever is in charge. One's mind becomes a blank slate which is written upon by any who stumble upon it. Ultimately, « fitting in » becomes more important than doing what is « right » and « just ». 
          Consider that standing at the helm of this crusade is Bill Clinton. In an interview with the Associated Press he commented on the march: « I think what they're [marching moms] doing is a very noble and good thing. » 
          What does Clinton know about goodness? This is a man who has cheated on his wife repeatedly (violated a written contract), lied while under oath, bombed civilian targets in wars he had no business getting involved in, has allowed federal agents to expand their powers and engage in domestic warfare with the nation's own citizens and is, quite literally, one of the most statist sleaze bags to ever walk the face of the North American continent. 
     « Collectivism naturally requires groupthink (and complacency) on a massive scale in order to grow. Groupthink (thoughtlessness) is how millions of people can be convinced that something which is completely immoral is within their right to enforce upon their fellow man. » 
          If I kept this kind of company my wife would divorce me. Actually, I'd probably give her permission to put me out of my misery. 
          And yet people continue to fall into ranks behind this guy and his pet projects. Why? Is it mass hysteria? Or is the hysteria only a symptom of something greater and far more malevolent in American society? 
What's eating us up? 
          The result of refusing to think gives those in power carte blanche to think for us. This is the essence of collectivism and this my good friends and neighbors is what is at the heart of the great evil that is eating North America. Collectivism naturally requires groupthink (and complacency) on a massive scale in order to grow. Groupthink (thoughtlessness) is how millions of people can be convinced that something which is completely immoral is within their right to enforce upon their fellow man. 
          Indeed, as Thomas Paine once wrote: « [...] when men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon. »  
          The refusal to think for ourselves is at the root of most (if not all) of the corruption we face in our current political system. Naturally, when we allow others to think and make our decisions for us, we give up that which makes us free in the first place: our personal responsibility and thus ownership of our own lives. Thereafter we enter into a vicious circle where we expect others to take care of us – to fix what ails us and to keep us happy – but since we are all individuals with different wants, desires and needs no one solution will cure all.  
          Our idiocy and discontent then becomes worse and is exacerbated because we refuse to do anything about the situation ourselves while bureaucrats subsequently impose solutions which violate our fundamental rights. When we give up responsibility for our own lives and pass it into the hands of others we subsequently give them the power to run our lives. Whether this was our intention or not is irrelevant. It is the consequence of our action – the law of causality in its most hideous form. 
          Thoughtlessness is the darkness from which collectivism grows. Without it tyranny cannot flourish. 
A ray of light 
          So what does this mean to North Americans? Good news actually. It means that things can and will change. It means that ideas can stop the disease from spreading. It means that a revolution fought with words, not bullets, could possibly succeed in turning the table on the statists in our midst for if refusing to think is the zero from which tyranny is spawned then ideas and reason are the ray of light that feeds the tree of liberty. 
          So, while tens of thousands of the politically correct gender prepare to march on Washington, demanding the abolition of your fundamental rights, fear not. One good idea can pierce the darkness. Hope is not lost until the final voice falls silent. 
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