Montréal, 15 avril 2007 • No 221




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          C’est ça que j’ai fait [quitter la France]! Trop d’intolérance, trop de mépris, trop de pensée unique! Depuis que je vis au Québec, je respire. Ce n’est pas encore l’idéal car la presse québécoise en général n’a pas encore l’indépendance d’esprit qu’il lui faudrait pour réaliser à quel point la mentalité de ce pays de France est devenue une mentalité de clan, incapable de penser avec logique et impartialité où seul le clan existe. Tu penses comme eux où tu n’es pas.

          Parfois je voudrais que les journalistes québécois francophones soient plus ouverts aux idées des autres et plus critiques de la France. La France respirait bien mieux avant Mitterrand! Ils ont tellement de lois liberticides sur tout ce qui est minoritaire qu’on se demande comment le tissu social n’a pas encore explosé.

Marie-France Carpentier




          I'm not sure what's worse: a war monger's rant or a pacifist's – or whatever Martin Masse is? A Reformer? A separatist? I'd say you shouldn't be allowed to publish such nonsense but let's see... you have the right and freedom to do that for some reason... I wonder why? Oh yah, people died in battles like Vimy so you could!

          Mr. Masse has the nerve to use such words as "propaganda" in this trash he wrote, while calling to example the hindsight speculation of an obscure Austrian (and whose side were they on?).

          I give you that MAYBE the importance of the Vimy victory MAY be exaggerated by those who love their country and/or relatives who fought. So what's wrong with that? Maybe they WERE as good and as tough as they say they were. This wasn't the only battle Canadians fought with distinction while others floundered. And how the hell would you or anyone else know that the Germans would have stopped and suddenly made peace and at what cost? Freedom of millions? If you lived in mainland Europe, in a zone where compromise gave your land to Germany, would you have been OK living under German rule? It's that very thinking that allowed Hitler to take over half of Europe without much complaint from allies. The Allies knew that modern warfare was not pretty and wanted to avoid it at all costs. The lesson is that sometimes you need to take a stand and stop aggression because waiting costs even more. The bloodiness of WW1 was mostly due to that fact that technology had progressed faster than old military leaders could deal with so they made MANY bad decisions.

          No sane human wants or glorifies war. But don't sit here 90 years after the fact and spew nonsense that calls in question people's desire to remember one of the few moments where Canada took the lead on the world stage. Like it or not, at that time, they did. Much more importantly, you are offending the memory and the sacrifice of thousands who gave their lives. I'm sure most Canadian soldiers weren't looking at the big picture like you think you are now from the comfort of your cushy chair. Maybe they wanted excitement or whatever their reason to go, at the very worst they fought and did their absolute best to get the job done so they could get home once they saw the horror. While the bulk of other nation's boys didn't have the same determination to stick with an objective. It's not "super-human" to be determined but I'm sure someone with your views has no idea how to do that in those circumstances so your ignorance shines through.

          I know you don't speak for the many francophones outside Quebec nor the apparent minority of French Quebecers who would rather stand up for others who are in danger of losing their lives and/or freedom. You and people like you hide behind terms like "English leaders" or other excuses not to step up and do your part. Can't be a French thing because France was a victim in both world wars. Why does Quebec have this history of not stepping up as a "nation"? I can tell you what it looks like from the outside.

          So Mr. Masse, I'm sure you're right that most Canadians don't identify Vimy as Canada's birth (some I know would say that Canada's birth will be when Quebec finally separates). But it appears as though the ignorance of Vimy is being remedied much to your displeasure. More and more young Canadians are being made aware of it. Certainly much more than when I was in school. Your hatred of anything English (Canadian) or outside Quebec reeks between the lines, intentionally or not and it distorts facts, making it sound like nothing more than the rant of a bigot.

          Signed a very proud Canadian and Vimy supporter.

Garry Hebson