The Intelligent Australian Investor

"Chris Leithner is a very rare commodity in the investment world — not only is he a great investor you can invest alongside, but his lucid communication to investors provides a valuable learning tool."

Dale Henderson, Investment Adviser, Henderson Associates



In The Intelligent Australian Investor, Chris Leithner explains the importance of a careful, structured approach to investment in securing your financial future. He applies the principles of ‘value investment,’ espoused by super-investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, to the Australian investment scene.

This book sets out the principles of intelligent Australian value investing, discussing:
> the difference between price and value
> how to distinguish between investment and speculation
> why you should ignore most academics, as well as market and economic forecasts
> how to analyse individual companies, construct portfolios and make justifiable investment decisions.

This book will prove invaluable to DIY investors, personal superannuation fund managers and serious investment professionals — indeed, anyone looking for a comprehensive and well-informed discussion of the Australian market and its investment potential.

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