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Le Québécois Libre is a libertarian webzine that was launched in February 1998 by Martin Masse, its current owner and publisher. It is published on the 15th of every month. It is not connected to any organization and receives no funding. All its contributors are volunteers. Martin Masse and Gilles Guénette, its editor, take care of the editing, the lay out, the correspondence and the coordination of the magazine.

QL started out as a publication whose purpose was to offer a libertarian viewpoint on Quebec current affairs. Its name is a pun on the nationalist slogan "Québec libre": instead of promoting the sovereignty and freedom of an ever larger and tyrannical Quebec state, its goal was to promote the sovereignty and freedom of individual Quebecers.

However, its network of contributors and its readership quickly grew to include French-speakers in Europe, as well as English-speakers in North America and elsewhere. It now has a North American and European section (distinguished by the respective green continent above the title of each article) and covers topics as varied as the origin and interests of its contributors. It remains the only real libertarian magazine produced anywhere in French, and its bilingual and multinational character allows it to reach readers all over the world. Its archives contain over 2500 pages, which makes it one of the largest Websites in Quebec in terms of content available for free.


QL promotes libertarianism and classical liberalism, that is, a philosophy that sees individual liberty, the free market and voluntary cooperation as the basis for social relations. It is opposed to state intervention and to collectivist ideologies, of either the right or the left, whose aim is to force individuals to conform to their values and goals (see "What is libertarianism?").

There exist several libertarian and classical liberal schools of thought (Austrian, Objectivist, neoclassical, minarchist and anarchist, etc.) whose methodologies and conclusions differ on several points. The one that we favour at QL (but not to the exclusion of others) is the Austrian school, whose main historical figures are Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard and Friedrich Hayek.

QL’s mission is not to be a forum for debate among libertarians, but to offer a wide range of analyses and commentaries so as to educate and inform its readers who share the libertarian philosophy, and others interested in discovering new ideas and perspectives. In short, to broaden the scope of libertarian contribution to public debates and bring those ideas to a wider audience. Although all articles share this general libertarian or classical perspective, each author is responsible for his or her own particular opinions.

Past and present contributors

Adam Allouba, Thibaut André, Christopher Awuku, Paul Beaudry, Jayant Bhandari, Patrick Bonney, Mathieu Bréard, Jean-Louis Caccomo, Grégoire Canlorbe, Scott Carpenter, Xavier Collet, Larry Deck, Pierre Desrochers, Yvon Dionne, André Dorais, Bradley Doucet, Gérard Dréan, Francis Dumouchel, Hervé Duray, Bogdan C. Enache, Sean Gabb, Vincent Geloso, Olivier Golinvaux, Roland Granier, Marc Grunert, Jasmin Guénette, Randy Hillier, Carl-Stéphane Huot, Daniel Jagodzinski, Philippe Jaunet, Claire Joly, Richard C.B. Johnsson, Mathieu Laine, Heidi Lange, Jean-Hugho Lapointe, Georges Lane, Bertrand Lemennicier, Chris Leithner, Pierre Lemieux, Clément Leroy, Carlo Lottieri, Shawn L. Mac Farlane, David MacRae, Ralph Maddocks, Stefan Metzeler, Christian Michel, Jean-Luc Migué, Mickaël Mithra, François Morin, Brigitte Pellerin, Yvan Petitclerc, Michel de Poncins, Erwan Quéinnec, François-René Rideau, Jean-Philippe L. Risi, Jérémie T. A. Rostan, Daniel M. Ryan, Pascal Salin, Christian Saucier, Chantal K. Saucier, Gennady Stolyarov II, Damien Theillier, Pierre-Luc Thibault, Harry Valentine, Pierre-Guy Veer, Christophe Vincent, Edward W. Younkins.

Reprint policy

We want articles published in QL to be read by as many people as possible. Those who wish to print articles directly from the Website and distribute them are encouraged to do so.

For reprinting an article in another format or publication (i.e., another Website, a newspaper, magazine, book, etc.), our policy is that:

1) permission should first be obtained from us (write to ql@quebecoislibre.org);
2) the article should be reprinted in its entirety and without modification;
3) the source should be mentioned (Le Québécois Libre, issue's number + date) with the Internet address of the magazine (www.quebecoislibre.org) and the phrase "This article is reproduced with permission from the author."

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First written appearance of the word 'liberty,' circa 2300 B.C.


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