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Interview with Martin Masse on Reason TV

Interview with Martin Masse, one of the leading figures in the Canadian libertarian movement. Back in the late 90s, when libertarianism was a thoroughly marginal ideology in the country, Masse started Le Québécois Libre, an online gathering place for allies to the cause.

Things have since changed. Free market ideas now inform Canadian public policy to a degree that's probably surprising to the average American. Reason TV recently sat down with Masse to find out about this transformation and to discuss the future of liberty in our neighbor to the North.

Interview by Todd Krainin. Camera by Jim Epstein. Edited by Rob Montz. Run time: 6 mins.



“For a couple of years now, Canada has had a freer economy than the United States.”




Martin Masse is publisher of Le Québécois Libre.


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First written appearance of the word 'liberty,' circa 2300 B.C.


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